Privacy statement

Tourist Service Team Delft, based Helder Camarastraat 27, 2622 BH Delft, The Netherlands; is responsible for processing personal data as described in this privacy statement.

Contact information:

Tourist Service Team Delft

Helder Camarastraat 27

2622 BH Delft


Telephone: +31152564342

Niek Uwland is appointed Data Protection Officer for Tourist Service Team Delft, you can reach him via via

Why we process personal data?

Tourist Service Team Delft values your privacy greatly and therefore processes your personal data with great care. Personal data can be collected and processes by us in different manners. We store your personal data safely. In processing your data we comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If we cooperate with third parties we demand them to comply to the GDPR as well.

We only collect and process your personal data if you have given us permission to do so. This data is shared with a certain goal. Only the data required to achieve the goal is stored and processed and we do not keep your data longer than needed to reach the goal for which the data is shared.

We process data for the purpose of:

Types of personal data we process

Which type of personal data we process depend on the purpose for which it is shared.

Responding to contact information

With information requests you decide which information you want to share with us.


Tourist Service Team Delft has the organizational form of a foundation and has board members. Several activities are done by volunteers. Personal information of board members and volunteers is processed in order to ensure the functioning of the foundation. By example to invite volunteers for meetings. Personal data processed of both board members and volunteers is:

Due registry at the chamber of commerce, the following personal data of board members is also processed:

Request for contact

If appreciated, you can permit Tourist Service Team Delft to contact you. This contact will be one-off; without your request we shall not contact you after the initial contact. To be able to contact you, your personal data is requested. Personal data that might be collected for this purpose is:

Financial Transactions

If you transfer money to the bank account of Tourist Service Team Delft, or if you receive money from Tourist Service Team Delft, the following personal data is processed:

This personal data is only processed within the online-banking environment of ING, the bank we use. In our regular financial administration above personal data is not processed. We are however obliged to transfer this data up to five years old to the Tax agency if they request the data.

How long we store personal data

Personal data is not stored longer than strictly necessary. How long this is, depends on the purpose for which the data is shared.

Responding to request for information

In case of a request for information, we store your personal data no longer than 3 months. If it is necessary for the settlement of your request and you have given permission to do so, we might deviate from this.


Personal data required for the administration is stored as long as the volunteer participates. Personal data of board members is stored as long as the board member is in function.

Request for contact

Personal data shared for a request for contact is stored no longer than 3 months, unless you actively request to maintain the contact.

Financial transactions

Personal data shared with the purpose of a financial transaction is stored 9 years, due the policies of our bank.

Special and/or sensitive personal data we process

Tourist Service Team Delft could process the personal data of persons younger than 16 years of age. Though our website and/or service we are not intentionally collecting personal data of persons younger than 16 years, unless this is permitted by the parents or guardian. We have no means of confirming the age of visitors to our website. Therefore we advise parents and guardians to be actively involved with the online activities of their children. This to prevent the collection of personal data of the children without parental permission. If you are convinced that we have collected personal data about a minor without the proper authorization, please contact us at and we will right away delete this information.

Automated decisions

Tourist Service Team Delft does not make decisions based on automated processes about cases that may have significant consequences for persons. These are decisions made by computer programs or systems, without human intervention.

Cookies or comparable technologies we use

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent with pages of a website and is stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. The data stored in cookies can be sent back to the server on a next visit.

Which cookies doe we use?

WAs of yet we do not use cookies on our website.

Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

More information about turning cookies on- or of and the deletion of them is found in the instructions and/or help function of your browser.

Insight in, changing or deleting your personal data

You have the right to have insight in, to correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to revoke an eventual permission for the processing of your data by Tourist Service Team Delft, and you have the right of data transferability. This means that you can request us to send your personal data in a computer file to you, or to an organization you appoint. You can sent a request for insight in, correction, deletion or transfer of your data to

To ensure it is you who requests for insight in your personal data, we ask you to sent a copy of your proof of identity with the request. In the proof of identity, please blacken the photo, MRZ (machine readable zone, the numbers on the bottom of the passport), passport /idcard number and social security number. This to protect your privacy. We respond as quickly as possible to such a request.

Tourist Service Team Delft informs you that you have the possibility to file a complaint with the national supervisor, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Data Protection Authority). You can use the following link for this:

How we protect personal data

Tourist Service Team Delft is very serious about protecting your personal data and takes precautions to avoid abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted publication and unauthorized change of your personal data. If you are under the impression that your personal data is not sufficiently protected, or you have clues or suspictions of abuse, please contact the data protection officer via

Who are authorized to process and access personal data?

Personal data is only accessed and processed by board members and the Data Protection Officer of Tourist Service Team Delft. There are the following exeptions:

For establishing contact on request with you, your personal data might be transferred to a third party, but only if your language or country of residence makes this necessary. This might be a party outside the European Union. In that case the Standard Contractual Clausules mandated by the European Union are applicable.